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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>With B2B-Marketing describes a marketing relationship between companies or organizations. In this context, marketing is the focus of all efforts related to products and services sold by one company to another.

B2B-Marketing in detail

Business to business marketing follows the same rules as traditional business to consumer marketing. However, there are also some special features. For example, in many cases, individual consumers decide to buy a particular product or service based on emotionality, popularity or a well-executed advertising campaign by a brand. Companies, however, differentiate themselves primarily on the basis of rational and price criteria. That’s why B2B-Marketing has to cater to these particular requirements in order to serve corporate clients.

Smaller target audience

Business to business marketing is characterized by a smaller target audience, which in many cases requires personal contacts in this form of marketing. However, these contacts often bring the opportunity to realize a long-term relationship. The goods and services that are exchanged between companies or organizations also require detailed explanation, as they are often characterized by industry-specific characteristics. In addition, communication is nowadays more and more often realized via social media. Particularly popular are platforms such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

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