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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Today, practically every Internet user knowsGoogle. However, only a few people know that the world’s popular search engine was originally called BackRub.

BackRub – the original name of Google

The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were doctoral students at Stanford University in Stanford, California in the 1990s. They had already started working on a search engine during their studies. The search engine was programmed in Java and Python and used Linux as the operating system. The primary database was stored on a Sun Ultra II server with a hard drive only 28 GB in size. This search engine was named BackRub by Page and Brin because their search engine used backlinks on web pages as the evaluation criteria for a web page’s PageRank.

From BackRub to GoogolPlex to Google

The domain was registered on September 15, 1997, based on a typo. Originally, the BackRub search engine was to be renamed Googolplex. A googol is a number with a 1 and 100 zeros. This name was meant to illustrate that the search engine can search and index an almost infinite number of web pages. When researching whether a domain named Googol or Googolplex was already registered, the typing error occurred and the now familiar domain was registered. This gave the search engine its name, which is still valid today.

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