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Backseat Consumer

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is a Backseat Consumer?

Backseat Consumer is usually understood to be children who influence their parents’ shopping behaviour. In many families, children influence the consumption decisions of their parents. This is not limited to products and services specifically for children, it also includes adult consumption. In marketing, this can be exploited to the company’s advantage by involving children and addressing them in a way that is appropriate to the target group.

Examples of the influence of Backseat Consumern

A family wants to visit a restaurant and can choose between several offers. The parents tend towards Restaurant X because of the meals. However, Restaurant Y has a play corner where the child would like to go. The parents therefore decide on Restaurant Y. There are many other examples, including:

  • child-friendly shopping experience in retail stores
  • appropriate advertising on homepages, which mainly visit Backseat Consumer

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