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Banderole Ad

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Banderole Ad is a 770 x 250 pixel banner ad that is used specifically in online advertising. It is located in the direct field of view of a user opening a web page and is guaranteed to catch their attention.

Banderole Ad – important features

When a user opens a web page, the banderole is placed horizontally and centrally on the content. There is a certain similarity here with the printed banderoles that are used as advertising media in magazines. The user can significantly reduce the size of the banderole ad by clicking on “Close”. Now it is, for example, 160 x 250 pixels, 60 x 250 pixels, 50 x 250 pixels or 25 x 250 pixels in size. Clicking again will extend the banderole back to its original size. It does not stay on the web page for long, but usually disappears completely after 15 seconds.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Banderole Ad?

The Banderole Ad can be used in many ways and is largely standardized. The costs are low and existing content can be easily incorporated into the banderole. The banderole is sure to have a high recognition value. According to statistical data, however, there are relatively few users who decide to make a purchase solely on the basis of this advertising measure.

What are pixels?

Pixels often referred to as pixels, image cells or picture elements, describe the respective color values of a digital raster graphic. They also describe the surface elements necessary for the acquisition or representation of a color value on an image sensor or screen.

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