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Big Daddy Update

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>With most updates, Google makes changes to its search engine algorithm to improve performance. A different purpose was served by the [strong]Big Daddy Update[/strong] from 2005.

What is the Big Daddy Update?

The Big Daddy Update was an update to the Google infrastructure released in late 2005. This update was intended to improve the usability and user experience of the search engine. Unlike most updates before and after, the update was rolled out gradually over a long period of time.

The rollout of the Big Daddy Update des initially began in December 2005 in two data centers newly established by Google. The IP addresses of these data centers were announced to a select group of search engine experts. These SEOs subsequently had the opportunity to evaluate the update and provide feedback to Google. Until March 29, 2006, the further implementation of the update in all data centers of Google took place step by step.

Why was the Big Daddy Update implemented?

The update essentially included a new crawl function for the search engine and a new function for indexing web pages. Through these innovations, the trustworthiness of the backlinks and the number of trusted links pointing to a web page are evaluated in the main.

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