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Big Data

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Big Data in online marketing refers to data sets that are so complex that conventional software and hardware are no longer of use for data processing. This means that Big Data is essentially a neutral term, as it also describes harmless amounts of data that can be observed in research or other non-commercial environments. Given that such data can also refer to personal information, such as the communications or consumer behavior of Internet users, the term often carries negative connotations. Opponents of the practice are concerned about possible abuse of privacy rights in the collection and analysis of data.

Significance for marketing

Designing better marketing campaigns:

Using complex data sets, companies can better meet the core needs of their customers by developing rich and informative content.

Make better pricing decisions:

Traditionally, companies evaluate products and services based on basic information such as product cost, competitor pricing, customer perceived product value, and demand.
With Big Data, you can use many other factors to make pricing decisions.

Display appropriate web content:

Online marketers can provide customized content to their website visitors by drawing on their knowledge base to determine which content is more appealing to individual visitors.

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