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Billboard Ad

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Billboard Ad mean ?

Billboard Ad is an effective advertising medium that is used online and offline. Offline it is characterized by large posters, which are located in exposed places and are noticed very quickly. Online Billboard Adds are also very large, designed to focus on a particular brand or product and encourage website visitors to make a purchase. Advertising media can be banners, emails or audio messages.

To achieve the best result must:

  • the right advertising message,
  • the right place and
  • the right size

be chosen.

Billboard Ad – What are the most important features? What should be considered?

A Billboard Ad can theoretically be placed anywhere, both on a home page and on a landing page. Home pages are called skin pages and landing pages are called subpages. The only important thing is that the target group is reached. With the PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, internet pages can be loaded very quickly.

Billboard Ad is compatible with all these devices. This ensures that websites and Billboard Adds are opened simultaneously. The maximum size of Billboard Adds is fixed and must not exceed 242,500 pixels for Google AdWords banners. Billboard Ad ads must be encrypted using SSL. This is the requirement to place them on Google.

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