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Bing Ads

What is the Bing Ads Editor?

The Bing Ads Editor is a free tool from Microsoft that can create and manage Bing Ads. It can also be used to create other advertising tools such as Google AdWords or Yahoo Advertising.

Bing Ads Editor – Create account – Edit account

First the software must be downloaded. Then an account can be created and edited. Navigations, ad groups, text ads, campaigns or keywords can be managed individually. Ads that should only appear on mobile devices are filed under the Mobile Ads tab.

Use help guide

The Bing Ads editor has a help guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a campaign. In addition, not only new campaigns but also integrated campaigns can be optimized. If a campaign does not achieve the required performance, the software issues a warning. That’s not all, as extensive tips for improvement are provided.

Realize extensive projects

The Bing Ads editor is excellent for realizing extensive projects, be it ads, campaigns or ad groups. Local targeting is integrated into the program, which can be used for search engine optimization. Furthermore, there is a keyword analysis tool that provides information about keywords. This way, landing pages can be tailored to certain products or to certain regions.

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