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Blind Carbon Copy

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Blind Carbon Copythe blind copy (BCC) is a feature available in most email programs that allows the sender to forward an email to one or more people. Unlike a simple copy, a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) is considered blind because this copy of the email is sent to the specified email address(es) as it is sent, without any of the recipients knowing about the other recipients.


BCC is used when a sender wants to send to multiple recipients without informing each other of the other recipients, or when the sender wants to send a copy of an email to other interested parties beyond the addressed recipient.

  • Blind Carbon Copy is a type of email transfer mechanism that is built into most email clients by default and supported by email service providers.
  • Blind Carbon Copy complements the Carbon Copy (CC) and the “To” field to provide different ways of addressing email recipients.

Directly addressed recipients are added in the “To” field, while emails entered in the “CC” and “BCC” fields receive a copy of the email.

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