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Blind Network

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Blind Network mean ?

A Blind Network is an advertising network that does not give an advertiser any information about where their ads will end up. In most cases, it is associated with the Pay Per Click (PPC) method.

How does Blind Network work?

One of the best known examples of a blind network is Google AdSense. If you use AdWords, you know where your ad will land. However, if you use AdSense, your ad will be served on the websites of all publishers that use the correct code snippet. Algorithms try to make sure that the theme matches your ad. But there’s no way to be sure that it really does.

  • In a vertical network, the advertiser can see the list of websites on which his ad is placed and thus ensure that they represent his brand well.
  • However, if the ad network is “blind”, the advertiser does not have accurate information about where their ad will be seen. As a result, these networks tend to offer lower rates.

However, the advertiser may risk having their ads served on websites that don’t match their brand message as well.

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