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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does Blogroll mean ?

A Blogroll is a collection of links that is located on a blog and is intended to refer to other weblogs. These are usually the blogs that the owner likes to read or on which he informs himself. If a visitor clicks on a link, he will be forwarded directly to the corresponding website.

Blogroll – Criteria for the selection

The owner of a blog is free to decide which sites he wants to link to. Nevertheless, it is advisable to keep the needs of the visitors in mind. This means in particular that the content of the linked blogs should fit the topic. Websites on which the blog owner wants to inform himself about his hobby or other private things are therefore out of place for a link collection.

Blogroll – more traffic on the website

The Blogroll is placed either on the side or at the bottom of the web page. The more links there are, the better the rating at Google or other search engines will be, because the linked websites benefit each other. There is a good chance that visitors to a blog will click on the linked pages for more information.

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