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What does Bluetooth mean ?

The term Bluetooth refers to a network technology developed by a working group of the US Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The networking technology is used in connectionless or connection-oriented transmission of data between different digital devices such as smartphones or digital cameras. The main goal behind the development of the Bluetooth standard is to completely replace cable connections and make them obsolete.

How it works

The most important prerequisite for a digital terminal to be considered bluetooth-enabled is a special chip equipped with a transmitter and receiver unit and the corresponding software, which is responsible for controlling the data transfer. The most well-known producers of such chips include the following companies:

  • Nordic Semiconductor
  • Atheros
  • Samsung
  • Toshiba

If a device does not have a BT interface, it may be possible to retrofit the device with a Bluetooth adapter.

The network

A BT network is called a piconet. A maximum of eight Bluetooth devices can actively participate in such a piconet. Theoretically, up to 200 devices can remain in the piconet in standby mode at the same time and be activated on request. A BT device can also be registered in several piconetworks as a so-called “slave”, but only serve as a “master” in one network. However, this has a negative effect on the data transmission rate.

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