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Boolean Operators

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>When searching in databases or with the Google search engine, the search results can be narrowed down by simple, so-called Boolean Operators.

What are Boolean Operagates?

Boolean Operators are logical Operators that are used in mathematics and computer science to logically combine statements and as conjunctions to combine or exclude two or more search terms. The Operators were named after George Boole, a mathematician and inventor of Boolean algebra who lived in England in the early 19th century.

Boolean Operators are:

  • AND or “&” (logical AND)
  • OR or “|” (logical OR)
  • NOT or “-” (logical negation NOT)

Depending on the application, the Operators must be specified in upper or lower case.

Use of the Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators are used, for example, when searching with the Google search engine. If two search terms such as “leather boots black” are entered, the search engine automatically adds an “AND”. As a result, all web pages are displayed that contain both terms.

If the entry is made as “leather boots -black”, results are displayed that contain leather boots in all colors except black. If you enter “leather boots OR motorcycle boots”, the result will be websites that contain either the search term leather boots or the term motorcycle boots but not both search terms together.

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