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Bounce Rate

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Bounce Rate or bounce rate of a website indicates the percentage of website visits in which only a single web page was called up and this was left again without clicking on another link or carrying out an action (e.g. download, submitting a form). Short visits of 5 to 10 seconds are also counted as bounce visits. A high number of bounces shows that the visited website did not encourage the visitor to look at further subpages.

How to calculate the Bounce Rate?

The Bounce Rate percentage is calculated by dividing the number of visits without further action by the total number of visits and then multiplying by 100.

What are the causes of high bounce rates?

– The user does not find the content he expected.
– The page does not answer the user’s question.
– A suitable call-to-action is missing.
– The page is not attractively designed.
– The content is outdated.

What is the benefit of analyzing the Bounce Rate?

By analysing the traffic sources – for example in Google Analytics – you can determine whether certain Google-Ads campaigns or landing pages are successful (low bounce rate) or whether there is a need for optimisation.

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