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Brand Asset Valuator

The Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) is a metric used to measure a company’s brand equity. Brand Asset Valuator was developed by an agency called“Young and Rubicam“. BAV measures a brand from the 2 points of view:

  1. Brand vitality, which refers to the current and future growth potential of a brand.
  2. Brand stature, which refers to the power of a brand.

Can the Brand Asset Valuator be more accurately subdivided?

The ability of a brand to differentiate itself from its competitors. Differentiation has three components. These are:

Different – refers to how the brand’s offering differs from its competitors.
Unique – refers to the quality of the brand.
Distinctive – refers to how valuable a brand is.

This refers to how closely consumers relate to the brand’s offering and is a key driver of a brand’s market power.
This refers to how consumers perceive the brand. Whether a brand is popular or not, whether it delivers on its stated promises – all of these contribute to the brand’s reputation.
This refers to the awareness level of a brand in the minds of its consumers.

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