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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A Brandscape comprises the range of all brands present on the market (or a sub-segment thereof).


The anthropologist John Sherry invented the term as an English neologism (neologism) from the terms brand and landscape. According to Sherry, brands in 20th century America were so ubiquitous that one could speak of living in a “Brandscape”.

What is a Brandscape?

Today, brands are not only formed in the consumer goods sector, but also for services, events, people and places. From this brand landscape, people assemble a personal brandscape from individually preferred products.

Sociological effect

Sociological studies have shown that the personal brandscape gives people familiar bonds. People in modern urban societies increasingly lack such social ties. Encountering familiar brands as constants in everyday life therefore has a calming effect on people.

In 2004,marketing scientists Craig J. Thompson and Zeynep Arsel expanded the term Brandscape based on the realization that the design of physical space also has a sociocultural effect.


Accordingly, the atmosphere in which a brand is perceived, such as the design of salesrooms and the behavior of employees, contributes to brand identity.

The consumer attributes characteristics of his personal brand landscape to himself.

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