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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is a Branduct?

The term Branduct is a neologism composed of the two words brand and product. It describes brand names, which stand for an entire product category in the linguistic usage.


Well-known examples are:

    • Tempo for handkerchiefs
    • Tesa for adhesive tape
    • Lego for building blocks to play with
    • Post-it for sticky notes

How does a Branduct come into being ?

In many cases, this phenomenon is based on the fact that manufacturers have been pioneers in the respective field and have at least previously enjoyed market dominance. When these two factors coincide, brand names can pass into common usage. Another possibility is that a product is specific and has no competition.

What do Branducts mean in marketing?

When a brand becomes Branduct, companies benefit from maximum awareness. Their brand name becomes a natural part of everyday language. The chance of high sales figures increases, yet companies have to fight for market share. The downside of Branducts is that consumers call competitors’ items by the same name. For example, they also call handkerchiefs from no-name manufacturers Tempos. This can reduce distinctiveness.

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