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Widest user group (WNK)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What does WNK mean?

The key figure widest user group (WNK) shows how many users have visited a website within the last three months. This data also plays an important role in television, radio and print media, in these areas this information is called the widest circle of viewers, the widest circle of listeners and the widest circle of readers. The time periods taken into account differ: while a period of three months applies to websites, it is twelve months for print media.

The importance of WNK

The widest circle of users (WNK) indicates how many users have reached a homepage. A high number proves the popularity of a website, which is based among other things on good rankings in search engines and popularity in social networks. However, this figure does not express anything about the quality of these visits. It includes, for example, users who click through or are dissatisfied with the offer after the first visit.

Nevertheless, this information proves to be important: it quantifies the likelihood of contact and thus the chance of generating sales with advertising or, in the case of online shops, with products and services. This key figure is particularly relevant for online advertising, where advertisers pay site operators on the basis of reach.
[h2]Calculate widest user group with unique users[/h2]

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forsch (agof) is one of the most influential players in online market research, which is why it sets standards for key figures such as the widest user group. In this regard, the experts refer to Unique Users as the “reach currency”. Unique users are every single user who visits a website in a defined period of three months. Repeated visits do not count. The Unique User and thus the widest circle of users are determined with the help of Cookies.

Increasing the media reach

Page operators strive to reach as many users as possible. Above all, the respective target group is relevant. They increase the reach with a variety of measures in the short to long term.

The following instruments come into question:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing with advertising banners

Off-line marketing is also suitable for this purpose: Entrepreneurs should, for example, consistently refer to their web presence on their advertising media.


The specification of the widest user group (WNK) is not sufficient to judge a website well-founded. Operators of homepages should use many other key figures such as visits, bounce rate, dwell time and conversion rate. A large number of Unique User , for example, is of little use if these visitors leave the website immediately and do not make any sales.
Many important media and portals use the data of professional market researchers. But also all other side operators raise the widest user circle problem-free, in addition they must only integrate an appropriate analysis tool on the homepage. Many tools are free of charge.
There are several problems with the collection of this data. Firstly, several users use the same device; using Cookies, the visit of several users via one device only counts once. Secondly, users visit a homepage via several devices such as PC and smartphone, in which case tools record a user as Unique User several times. The agof organization solves this problem by conducting supplementary online and telephone surveys. When using free tools, however, website operators have to live with inaccuracies.

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