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Closed-Loop Marketing

Closed-loop marketing is marketing that relies on data and insights from closed-loop reporting.“Closing the loop” simply means that sales teams report to marketing on what happened to the leads they received. This helps marketing understand the best and worst lead sources.

The 4 steps of closed loop marketing:

The visitor comes to the website and a cookie is set on his/her referral source. This is the entry point of the system. For example, whether customers came to your website from a URL you used for printed materials distributed at a trade show, an email marketing campaign, or a search term, you can track them this way.
Visitor browses the site and the cookie tracks the visitor’s actions.
Visitor converts to a lead by filling out and submitting a lead capture form.
Lead becomes customer. Now it’s time to figure out how exactly those website visits turned into sales. Which of the marketing channels contributed the most customers? Are there ways to optimize the process for other sources? Closed-loop marketing allows you to identify the activities that bring in the most revenue.

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