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What is Cloudinary?

The US company Cloudinary, based in Santa Clara, California, offers image and video management on a cloud basis. Users upload files to Cloudinary and can then embed them on their websites and blogs. The service provider exists since 2011.

How does Cloudinary work?

After uploading the image and video files, users can edit them in the cloud. For example, they can change the brightness, contrast and saturation of images, and many other options familiar from image editing programs are available. The software generates a URL for each file, which operators integrate into their homepage. The photo or video then appears in the desired location.

What advantages does Cloudinary offer for a video or photo?

This software proves to be particularly advantageous for these reasons:

  • automatic adaptation of the images and videos to the respective requirements, for example with regard to file format
  • responsive solution, different display depending on output device


Cloudinary is recommended for site operators if they do without WordPress and other CMS systems. CMS systems adapt the files automatically, but this is not the case with independently developed homepages. In these cases, cloud software from the USA provides help and saves effort.

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