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Connected TV

Connected TV(CTV) is simply a television that connects to the internet. Unlike traditional TV, CTV includes Smart TVs, Apple TVs, devices like Tivo and Roku, and gaming consoles like X-Boxes and PlayStations. One of the reasons CTV is so attractive to advertisers is that it already has incredible market penetration. A study confirms that the percentage of TV households in Germany using Connected TV has increased sharply since 2013.

How does video advertising on a Connected TV work?

CTV is a Conduit-Over-the-Top (OTT) -Video content. OTT content is content that is delivered over the internet without the involvement of a Multi-System Operator (MSO). Much OTT content mimics the services of a traditional media service, but over the internet – and usually for free or much cheaper.


Studies show that half of users who view content on apps like Hulu are willing to accept video ads to keep watching shows. CTV manages video ads before and during content, called pre-roll and mid-roll ads, when users are most willing to watch an ad in order to see the content.

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Advantages of Connected TV

  • CTV is everywhere
  • Millennials love CTV
  • People aren’t bothered by CTV ads

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