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Content farming

Content farming is the provision of large amounts of mostly low-quality content on websites with the aim of attracting users and generating revenue through online advertising. Often news about , advice texts or instructions on everyday issues are published. Characteristic is a high degree of search engine optimization, which ensures that the pages receive many clicks. In this business model, the focus is not on the production of high-quality content, but on the use of cheaply produced content as a lure for users.

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What is the approach to content farming?

  • Constant monitoring of current search trends to identify suitable search queries, for example via Google Trends or keyword analyses
  • Creation of search engine optimized content (texts, images, videos, etc.) by freelance copywriters or agencies
  • Placement of online advertising
  • Regular updating of content.
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What are the characteristics of a content farm?

  • large amounts of content
  • high keyword density
  • content that is valid in the long term, e.g. user manuals
  • content that is in frequent demand: e.g. how-to texts
  • low effort for the creation and maintenance of content

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