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What does Candystorm mean ?

The term Candystorm refers to mass expressions of sympathy in social networks and is thus the opposite of a shitstorm. “Candy” comes from the English language and can be translated as “sweetness”.

Who is the originator of this term?

This term comes from Germany, invented by the Green politician Volker Beck. In the members’ vote on the question of who will be the Green Party’s top candidate for the Bundestag elections in 2013, the incumbent party leader Claudia Roth had achieved a disappointing result. Volker Beck called on users on Twitter to encourage Claudia Roth by sending a message to Candystorm. The media and the marketing industry quickly picked up on this neologism.

Candystorm in online marketing

While shitstorms hit companies unexpectedly, they can provoke Candystorms to a certain extent. Candystorm s are also suitable as an immediate response to shitstorms in some cases. There are many examples of a Candystorm, especially with regard to the debate on migration: In many cases, companies were confronted with a shitstorm because, among other things, they were committed to migrants. Subsequently, they have reaffirmed this commitment with further postings and received a lot of sympathy for it. A Candystorm can serve several goals in PR and marketing:

  • promote a positive image
  • increase the reach
  • counter a shitstorm

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