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Caphyon is a software company that creates programs to improve and intelligently manage search engine rankings. There are several tools for keyword research, checking your own website as well as competitor websites.

Caphyon MSI Installer

The MSI-Installer is the most important tool of the software company Caphyon. It contains complete packages for beginners and advanced users, experts and system administrators. For installation, the Windows Installer is used, which has an MSI extension.
In an installation package, all the important information is included, including the files to be installed. Of particular note is the fact that installation packages are databases in which formally ordered data tables are placed. This has the advantage that the Windows Installer can easily and quickly access the data.

Advantages of the MSI format

The installed programs can be easily synchronized with the installer. This ensures that the information in the Windows database remains consistent. Any program errors can be corrected very well. In addition, there are regular updates of the program in which the associated changes are made automatically.

Caphyon EXE Bootstrapping

By using this program you can check the ability of a computer to load the MSI installer. The installation will start automatically if everything is ok. Otherwise, the user will receive a message indicating what requirements still need to be met.

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