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Keywords direct visitors to a website. Carewords address the visitors and contribute to the fact that visitors become customers.

What are Carewords?

Carewords are selected words that address the visitors of a website in a target group-oriented and emotional way. They bind visitors to a website, provide them with the information they are looking for and contribute to visitors becoming leads and ultimately customers.

Literal meaning

The term is derived from the English verb “to care”, in German “sich um etwas oder jemanden kümmern”

. Figuratively, the words take visitors by the hand and lead them to purchase by meeting expectations.

How are the words chosen?

Visitors to a website have different expectations and intentions when they visit a website. To choose the appropriate words for a website, webmasters should put themselves in the visitors’ shoes to understand what they expect on a website.

Questions – such as “What is the goal of the website visitors, what content does the target audience expect, or what individual needs can the website offer meet?” – help identify the right Carewords. Are visitors looking for a compact vehicle with low fuel consumption or rather a sports car that sits like a board on the road? Since it will hardly be possible to find the right words right away, important KPIs such as the development ofthe Conversion rateafter a change and the development of the dwell time should be measured and analyzed.


What are Carewords?

These are words that let the visitor know they are on the right website and appeal to the visitor.

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