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E-mail addresses are not always spelled correctly and sometimes they do not even exist. So that the addressee receives these mails nevertheless, a Catch-All mailbox can be set up.

What is a Catch-All email mailbox?

A Catch-All email mailbox is a mailbox that collects all emails sent to a non-existent email address withina domain.


For example: For the domain the three e-mail addresses, and are set up. The webmaster e-mail address is activated as Catch-All address. If a mail is now sent to or any other invalid e-mail address within the domain, these e-mails will land in the mailbox

The prerequisite for receiving invalid e-mails is that the domain name is spelled correctly.

Advantages and disadvantages of a collective account

The advantage of a collective mailbox is that no e-mail sent to a domain is lost. Especially for companies these mailboxes are useful to receive mails from prospective customers or customers who made a mistake when entering their address. However, setting up a collective mailbox has a serious disadvantage. E-mails whose addresses are randomly generated by spammers also end up in this mailbox. This means that spam mails will be delivered in any case. In order to prevent delivery, rules must be set up for this mailbox that are used to sort out the incoming spam mails.

Also of importance to you may be Certified Senders Alliance (CSA). You can find out more here:

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