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Click Fraud

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Click Fraud in German (click fraud) is a type of fraud that can occur with Cost-per-Click (CPC) online advertising. In CPC advertising, the owners of websites that publish the ads are paid according to how many visitors click on the ads. Sites offering ads and competitors can be beneficiaries of such a scam.

Click Fraud occurs when a person or computer program imitates a real person interested in the ad and clicks on it.

Implementation options:

  • Individuals are hired to manually click on ads
  • Scripts (programs) for automated clicking
  • Botnets: scripts executed from hacked machines

Manipulation of organic search results

Another type of Click Fraud is click-through ratio manipulation (CTR). The CTR is the ratio between how often a search result is displayed and how often it is clicked. For certain search terms, search results are clicked on to achieve a higher ranking in order to increase their CTR, which at the same time reduces the CTR of links that are not clicked on.


  • The advertiser can examine the accesses to his landing page that occur in the course of an advertising measure for suspicious patterns. In this case, however, the connection to the impressions of the advertisement is missing.
  • Information about the impressions can be obtained from the log files of the ad platform. However, there is the uncertainty of manipulation of the log by the owner of the platform.
  • Via Cookies in the ads, information about the clicking users can be collected at an independent company and compared with logs of the owner of the site on which the ad was placed.

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