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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is Clickbaiting?

Clickbaiting is a form of misleading, sensational advertising on web pages to attract attention and entice users to follow a link. A teaser in the form of text or a thumbnail (preview image) aims to exploit curiosity by giving just enough information to make readers curious to learn more. This includes using untruths that do not accurately reflect the content delivered.

In tabloid journalism and marketing, the Clickbaiting mechanism has been used since before Internet times.


The purpose of Clickbaiting is often the monetization of access rates, but can extend to the goal of infiltrating Malware into users’ computers by directing them to a suitably prepared website.

Typical elements

  • Cliffhanger, explicit or implicit announcement of a surprise
  • Call-to-action (e.g. “Don’t miss it!”)
  • strong adjectives and verbs as well as superlatives
  • Net slang as identification language for the target group


  • Photos of several well-known TV presenters with the headline “One of these presenters has cancer” (Focus magazine)
  • “10 scary facts about … you should know!”
  • “This man tried to hug an elephant. What happened next is unbelievable!”

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