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What does Cloud Computing mean?

When several PCs are connected to a computer or data cloud, this is referred to as [strong]Cloud computing[/strong]. Essentially, servers, storage devices, databases and Applikations are then no longer available on site. Access is via interfaces and protocols. The Cloud may consist of one or more data centers. Large companies obtain services from several Cloud providers at the same time. Fast broadband connections are an essential prerequisite for the successful use of Cloud computing.

Three main service models have become established:

SaaS: Software as a Service.

Here, users and companies obtain software and Applikations from the “cloud”. In technical jargon, access to the required selection of programs is called software on demand. The exact route of the transmitted data via the Internet to Cloud and back does not necessarily have to be known to the beneficiary. However, participating companies are happy to restrict the geographical location of the data center to at least a certain region.

PaaS: Platform as a Service

In contrast to SaaS, PaaS allows users to access a deeper virtual layer of Cloud. In addition to using predefined Applikations, programs can also be developed, tested and put into operation in a secure software environment in the Cloud.

IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS offers full usage access to the subscribed Cloud area. The subscriber can and must install and configure his software himself. Thanks to the access to the servers, he can use the hardware resources according to his own ideas. This type of Cloud computing involves the most authorizations and requires a high degree of self-responsibility.

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