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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is Co-Citation?

Co-Citation is when a website or brand is mentioned (not linked) by two different sources.

In the context of mutual mention of a single website and not due to actual links between the websites in the form of links, there is a strong content-driven connection between two websites.

The process described is also called “linking without links” by some.

How does it work?

In order for web pages to be linked in a Co-Citation relationship, they must…
  • Contain a mention of the same web page (e.g. as a source for an information text).
  • Include mention of the mentioned web page without the use of a link.
  • Discuss a similar topic. However, the same keywords do not necessarily have to be used.

This linking together, without using links, then serves as a signal to search engine algorithms that the page mentioned is important.
The three websites involved are symbiotically linked. As a rule, one or more important pages act as a kind of guarantor for the less important page.

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