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Conceptual User Interface Design

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is this Conceptual User Interface Design?

In a competitive market, it is particularly important to make the user interface of products as simple as possible so that it is readily comprehensible to users. Hardly anyone is willing to familiarize themselves with a cumbersome Surface when there are offers that can be operated much more intuitively.


The Conceptual User Interface Design, or UI design for short, aims for optimal user-friendliness. The focus is not only on visual components. ext

What are the features of the Conceptual User Interface Design?

UI design does not start from scratch, but takes into account existing preferences and skills that many users share. It pays to build on experience already gained so as not to overwhelm users. The more intuitively the user interface is designed, the easier it is to use – ideally it is virtually self-explanatory, provided it is designed as simply and clearly as possible.


What characterizes Conceptual User Interface Design is the effort to combine a maximum of simplicity with the necessary minimum of complexity.

Simplification can refer to the visual interface, but cannot be limited to it. Applications such as Alexa or Siri no longer require a visual user interface – the voice is sufficient to operate them, so that users can interact with them in an almost natural way.

In summary, the Conceptual User Interface Design includes the following points:

  • Optimal usability
  • Maximum simplicity with minimum complexity
  • Tie in with user habits
  • Visual and non-visual optimization

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