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Container Tag

What is a Container Tag?

A Container Tag is a short Javascript code that is used to add, delete or change so-called tags (literally “labels”) on a website under central control.

Container Tag s are inserted into the source code of web pages. The code is used to control which keyword is inserted into the web page content and when. The definition of the tags to be inserted is done with special programs.
The so-called tag managers, for example from Google(

In addition, a tag manager can be used to determine when which tag is to be displayed on a particular page via Container Tag. Rules can be created for this purpose. Rules can be created for this purpose. For example, if a calling URL contains certain parts, a certain tag is delivered and inserted.


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Container Tag – Importance in Online Marketing

Container Tag s can be used in online marketing for many different marketing activities.

Common uses:

  • the retargeting of website visitors
  • in affiliate marketing
  • for A/B testing of websites
  • website analysis


Container Tag s only need to be integrated into a website once and can then be automatically controlled centrally.

The Tag Manager can be used at any time to check which tag is currently being displayed on the website. A significant advantage of the Container Tags is the time saved in the maintenance of websites. Especially with very complex and extensive websites, the manual maintenance of the tags is associated with a high effort.

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