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Content Caching

Websites can be optimized for a better user experience using various methods. One of these methods is the so-called Content Caching.

What does Content Caching mean ?

Content Caching refers to the caching of the content of web pages on different servers, called Cache servers. This has the advantage that when an Internet user accesses a web page, the content can be provided by the nearest Cache server and does not have to be loaded from the server on which the web page was originally stored, which may be further away.


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The advantages of using Content Caching are:

  • shorter loading times for websites
  • a better user experience
  • reduction of bandwidth at the origin server

What is the importance of Content Caching for search engine optimization (SEO)?

For Google the loading time of a website is an important ranking factor. Especially for mobile internet users, the loading time can be significantly reduced by caching the content on different servers. Mobile internet users are impatient and switch to the next page after only a few seconds if a website is slow to load. The shorter the loading time, the less visitors switch early.


This user behaviour is registered by Google and is included in the rating of a website.

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