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Content Curation

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The content of a website is one of the most important ranking factors for Google. Content Curation is a method by which website operators can provide new content on their website at short intervals.

What does Content Curation mean ?

Content Curation , in German “Kuratierung von Inhalten” refers to finding, collecting and presenting digital content that relates to specific topics. Unlike content marketing, content curation does not involve the generation of new content, but rather the collection of content from a variety of sources and its organized delivery.

A content curator – whether human or software program – is responsible for finding relevant content on a particular topic, preparing it, and delivering that information to readers.

What should be considered at Content Curation with regard to SEO?

Content curation is only at first glance an easy way to generate new content for a website. Using automated curation tools or content aggregators, often leads to low quality content and errors in curation.

As a result, the website may be devalued by Google. In addition, content should always be linked to the source. It is recommended that website owners do not rely solely on Content Curation to provide content, but combine aggregated content with self-generated, new and unique content.

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