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Content Management System (CMS)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CMS are systems for creating and editing websites and other digital content. In a CMS content and design are strictly separated. Therefore, content can be edited without changing the design of the web pages. The content is stored in a database in a CMS.

Frequently used content management systems:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • TYPO3
    • What are the advantages of a Content Management System?

      • Content can be updated much faster than on a static website.
      • The editors of a CMS do not need any programming knowledge to set content for the web pages. Texts can usually be entered via a user-friendly text editor.
      • The design of the web pages remains unchanged when content is changed.
      • Content can be entered by several editors at the same time.
      • For each editor, the rights can be set in such a way that only certain areas and functions are enabled for editing.
      • Through preset functions, a CMS offers a variety of possibilities for content creation, for example for the integration of forms, videos or a login.
      • The menu adapts dynamically when corresponding new pages are created.
      • High security through storage in databases.

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