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Content Syndication

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>News, interviews and radio broadcasts are usually published several times in different media. This procedure is widespread offline and online and is referred to as Content Syndication.

What is Content Syndication?

Content Syndication is the term for the multiple publication of content, the content – for example news, blog articles, videos and other content. The goal of multiple publishing is to achieve a wider reach and audience for the content.

Content Syndication

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The term was used as early as the late 19th century. The American newspaper publisher Randolph Hearst used the term in connection with the multiple use of comic strips, which were popular with newspaper readers at the time. These comic strips, commissioned and paid for by Hearst, were licensed to newspaper publishers throughout the USA by so-called syndicates.

What is the significance of Content Syndication for the SEO?

The multiple use of content can be used as an own SEO strategy. In particular, this offers smaller websites or blogs the opportunity to present their own content to a larger audience.


However, the use of one’s own content on other websites usually results in so-called duplicate content, which is penalised by Google.

Website operators who want to use this SEO strategy must therefore take suitable measures to ensure that their website is recognised by Google as a source of content.

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