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Conversion Funnel

Not every visitor to a website becomes a customer. The Conversion funnel shows where potential customers drop off in the sales process.

What is a Conversion Funnel?

A Conversion funnel describes the E-commerce the individual phases that a potential customer goes through when he or she becomes a customer from the first contact with a website. The Conversion funnel is used to analyze in which phases potential customers often drop out, so that the sales process can be optimized. The term “funnel” comes from the English language and means “funnel”. The sales funnel is so named because the number of prospects steadily decreases during each sales phase.

What phases does it include?

Each sales fun nel consists of at least 5 main phases. The 5 main phases are:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Conversion
  • Re-Engage

In the first phase, referred to as Awareness phase, the task is to draw the attention of potential buyers to the website, for example through paid advertisements in the search engines. In the second phase, interest, the interest in the offer is to be aroused, so that in the third phase in potential customers the desire arises to own the product. This is followed by Conversion, the conversion of the prospect into a customer. However, this does not complete the sales funnel. The 5th phase, re-engagement, means drawing the customer back into the sales funnel with suitable measures and turning him into a returning buyer.

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