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Copy Approach

What is the Copy Approach approach? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

In order to bring a product closer to the customer, it is not enough to point out its benefits in a factual manner. For successful product marketing, it is necessary to advertise the product in such a way that the customer finds a quick and emotional access to it. This approach is called Copy Approach. It decides how advertising texts, but also videos or audios are designed and perceived.

Which target group should be addressed with the advertising text?

In order to use the Copy Approach approach successfully, the first question is which is the most important target group for a product. The majority of products are not equally interesting for young and old.


For a 50-year-old, for example, a skateboard is less interesting than stylish interior design. Gender, attitude to life or income also play a major role.

The right tonality matters

Once it has been clarified for each product which target group it is aimed at, the appropriate tonality can be chosen. Young customers would find it inappropriate to be addressed as potential customers, while products aimed at an older, firmly established target group gain credibility precisely through this polite distance.


In both cases, the aim is to make it easier for the customer to identify with the product and thus encourage a positive purchase decision.

In summary, a Copy Approach approach has the following in mind:

  • Orientate to target group
  • Emotionalize product
  • Choose the right tone
  • Enable identification with product

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