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Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker from Indigo Stream Technologies for detecting duplicate texts (“duplicate content”). With Copyscape, the uniqueness of texts can be checked. To do this, the URL of the relevant web page is entered on the provider’s site. A listing shows where duplicate content exists.

What are the differences between the premium version and the free version?

The premium version offers a more effective check of possible plagiarism cases than the free version. The premium version displays more results for each search than the free version, which has a limit of ten results. In contrast to the free version, the premium version also allows offline texts to be checked, which can be copied into a search box.

For which tasks is it useful to use the tool?

  • For purchased texts, you can test whether they are unique (“Unique Content!”).
  • You can continuously scan the internet to make sure that no one is copying your content and using it for their own website.
  • You can have automated emails sent to you if Copyscape finds copied content from your website on another website.

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