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Cost per Sale (CPS)

Cost per Sale (CPS) or Cost per Order is a model for charging commission on online purchases. With the help of the model used in online marketing, all costs incurred during an order or lead generationcan be calculated. This includes costs for various advertising measures such as taking out a subscription or shipping costs for a product. The CPS model is used by advertisers to determine the effectiveness of marketing measures. To determine the Cost per Sale (CPS) value, the total costs of a campaign are divided by the number of all responses.

Which areas of application are there for the Cost per Sale (CPS) model?

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Internet advertising

Affiliate Marketing:

At Affiliate Marketing is a commission business on the Internet. Operators of an online Shopcan use an affiliate program such as affilinet or tradedoubler to select thematically suitable websites on which they want to place their advertisements. If a user clicks on the ad and makes a purchase, the website operator receives a commission.

Internet advertising:

Internet advertising can be in the form of an ad, a video, or displayed as an ad on social media. Advertising via the Internet can be targeted and is usually measurable.

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