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Cost per View (CPV)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is Cost per View (CPV)?

Cost Per View (CPV) is a method of charging for video ads. The costs are based on the number of views or interactions with a video ad. Companies that want to increase their awareness on the Internet can use CPV measures. Popular video platforms such as YouTube offer advertisers the opportunity to engage with their target audience through relevant videos.

Calculate Cost Per View (CPV)

The value of the Cost Per View price depends on the individual idea of the publisher. Values up to 1.00 Euro per video are common, but the price often depends on the length of a video. The advertising program Google Ads uses the Cost Per View (CPV) method as a model for billing bids on True View video ads. In order to determine the actual amount of the CPV, the ad rank, quality factor and maximum bid play a decisive role.

What are the different types of cost per view ads?

  • In-stream video ads
  • In-Display Ads

In-stream video ads:

IS video ads are placed before or after a video on a platform like YouTube. In order to see the actual video, viewers must let at least the first 5 seconds of the video ad run before they can skip.

In-Display Ads:

Video ads appear right next to other videos on platforms like YouTube or Google search.

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