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Crash Reporting

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is Crash Reporting?

Crash Reporting Informs the owner of a program about program crashes. If there is no Crash Reporting for a software program, programmers cannot log why individual software crashes occur. This makes it very difficult to fix the problem, as they do not know when the crash occurred, nor what happened during the crash. The information collected is broken down to make it easier for programmers to see what went wrong and where.

What are the advantages of Crash Reportings?

  • User feedback is greatly improved. Programmers get access to the detailed information about what went wrong so they can fix bugs as soon as possible.
  • The entire process is integrated into the program’s code and automated. DIY crash reporting is hard work.
  • You can identify and fix bugs quickly. There is no need to reproduce a crash, which means no guessing games to play and no time wasted.
  • The process is standardized so everything works like a well-oiled machine. Programmers can automatically view the exact line of code that caused the crash, fix it, and thus fix the bug.

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