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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Before a website can be displayed in the search results of the Google search engine, it must be captured and indexed. For this purpose, Google assigns a specific Crawl-Budget to each web page.

What is the Crawl-Budget?

The Crawl-Budget refers to the time and resources invested by the Google search engine to capture and index a web page. This means that the crawlers of the Google search engine only have a limited time to capture the pages of a domain before moving on to another web page. How many sub-pages of a website can be captured and indexed in this time depends on various factors. How often the crawl process is repeated over time depends primarily on the quality and popularity of the website.

Importance of Crawl-Budget for search engine optimization (SEO)

Websites that offer little added value to users from Googles point of view are allocated a low budget. Similarly, hacked websites and websites where the search engine finds duplicate content are crawled only to a small extent. Web pages that can be accessed in principle but do not offer the expected content or cause a 404 error message are also only allocated a small crawling budget.

Website operators can find information about the Crawl-Budget and the activities of the Googlebot on their own website in the Google Search Console under the item “Crawling statistics”.

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