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Cross Channel Analytics

What is Cross Channel Analytics?

Cross Channel Analytics is a business analytics process that combines or merges multiple data sets from different channels or sources and then analyzes them to provide customer and marketing information that the business can use. This can provide insight into which path the customer takes to purchase the product or use the service. This then enables proper and informed decision making by the company in terms of its marketing and sales strategy, among others.

Advantages of Cross Channel Analytics

The actual latency pattern of customers can be measured by analyzing consumer-level data throughout the decision-making process.
High and low value placements can be identified by analyzing URL referrals across online channels.
Analysts can determine which channel combinations lead to the highest results.

Importance of Cross Channel Analytics

In the online business world, analysts find the paths or links that customers go through before they reach the final purchase. By finding this path, marketers can focus advertising and marketing along it or create other paths that are similar. By analyzing customer behavior, analysts can understand the impact of each channel and how they work together.

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