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Cross Device Ad Targeting

What is Cross Device Ad Targeting?

Cross Device Ad Targeting Enables companies to target ads to consumers across multiple platforms or devices. In most cases, messaging and advertising should be sent to a targeted audience across platforms so that companies can reach their audience at times and places where they are ready to engage with their brand. Also, if they know an audience’s habits across devices, they can build a complete cross-channel profile of their customers, giving them more data with which to target more effectively.

What are the advantages?

Targeting device IDs and users on multiple platforms sounds very tempting. And it’s true that it’s effective quite often. But what makes it more viable than traditional forms of marketing?

What cross-device marketing benefits make it worthwhile in today’s market?

  • Deeper insights into the impact of marketing spend.
  • Adds new layers to track marketing spend and returns.
  • More informed decisions about where to invest marketing budget become possible.
  • Identify the most beneficial advertising channels.
  • Deeper insights into the customer journey and experience.
  • Synchronize offline and online user activity.
  • Identify relevant user patterns.

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