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Cross Device Programmatic Attribution

What is Cross Device Programmatic Attribution?

At Cross Device Programmatic Attribution, we identify which events and touchpoints in a customer’s journey contributed most to a Conversion when spread across multiple devices.

What is the challenge with Cross Device Programmatic Attribution?


purchase-influencing events and touchpoints has never been easy, and the increasing use of multiple devices makes it even more difficult for marketers.

  • The main reason why cross-device attribution is difficult is that there is no way to reliably identify the same user on different devices.
  • The reason other attribution types (e.g., cross-channel and inter-channel attribution) can provide reasonably accurate results is that they rely primarily on Cookies stored on a consumer’s device to identify and track them.
    However,Cookies cannot be shared between devices – the Cookies on your laptop cannot be transferred to your smartphone or tablet and vice versa – and each device has its own way of identifying itself.

How can cross-device attribution work?

Currently, there are two main methods to identify a user on multiple devices. The use of:

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