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Cross Linking

What is Cross Linking?

Cross Linking Refers to the process of linking between two websites. Whether they are owned by the same person or not, cross-linking is the process on which the Internet is built. Users can link to websites whose content is similar to what they are already viewing, and which may be of further interest to them.

Cross Linking also serves a purpose in terms of search engine optimization. Link popularity is one of the main factors in how search engines determine the value, importance, and relevance of sites to a particular topic.
For this reason, linking websites is a very popular method of search engine marketing. Both reciprocal links and inbound links can be valuable SEO tools, provided you use cross links effectively, especially if you are the owner of both websites.

What should you look for in Cross Linking?

  • The individual websites should have unique, original content.
  • Hosting for the sites should be on different IP addresses.
  • Do not apply networking to each site.
  • Anchor-Text Use for networking.
  • Do not create a “link ring.” A link ring is when multiple sites are networked together and no other sites are linked to the ring created by.

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