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Cyber activists

What are cyber activists?

Cyber activists pursue political goals and use the Internet as a platform for protest. For example, they campaign for environmental protection, criticise authoritarian regimes or fight radical right-wing movements. The forms of protest range from the dissemination of information to cyberattacks.[/p]

Into which categories can cyber activists be divided?

Online activists resort to multiple means of expressing their opinions.
Researcher Sandor Vegh categorizes them into three basic types:

  • Advocacy: In this variant, activists use social networks, forums and other channels to inform other users about issues where they believe there is a grievance.
  • Mobilisation: In this area, cyber-activists involve other users more strongly and encourage them to become active. Online petitions are widespread.
  • Action and reaction: This category includes mostly illegal actions. Hacktivism plays the most important role. Among other things, hackers penetrate foreign databases and publish sensitive data of the respective opponent online. Many cyber activists also rely on DDoS attacks on homepages. They overload the websites so that they are no longer accessible to visitors. This harms the opponent and at the same time attracts attention for their own content-related concerns.

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