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Cyber Space

What is cyberspace?

The term cyberspace refers to worlds of experience, communication and work generated by computers. More commonly, the term cyberspace is used. In practice, it is used in different ways; a narrow and a broad definition can be distinguished:

  • narrow sense: cyber space is a three-dimensional, artificially created world that authentically reproduces life. A few years ago, the online game Second Life caused a sensation and is considered a prime example of virtual reality.
  • broader sense: The term encompasses everything related to computers and data networking.

Many use the terms cyberspace and Internet synonymously in everyday language. In the broad definition, however, the World Wide Web is only one component; all other computer networks and activities on computers without networks are also included.


The brochure of the Bavarian Ministry of State on the threat posed by cyber attacks and cyber crime can be found here:üre/pdf

Cyber space: Bundeswehr and military as examples

Cyberspace in its broad meaning plays an increasing role in many areas of life. This is exemplified by current debates under the heading of cyberwar in security policy. Hacker attacks and the like are now an integral part of warfare. The Bundeswehr responded to this in 2017 by establishing a Cyber and Information Space Command that focuses on cyber defence.

More information on the topic of cyber space can be found here:

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