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Data-Driven Advertising

Knowledge about the buying behaviour and preferences of customers is the basis for successful advertising. Data-driven advertising helps advertisers to target potential customers.

What is Data-Driven-Advertising?

Data-driven advertising refers to advertising measures that are created and executed on the basis of data collected on consumer behaviour. Data sources are purchasing behaviour, the behaviour of customers on a website or classic customer surveys. The aim is to optimise advertising measures and to be able to carry them out in a targeted manner by linking and evaluating the collected data.


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For this purpose, different methods for data collection and techniques for data evaluation are used. In terms of data-driven advertising, Big Data is becoming more and more the focus of attention. The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, is one of the first companies to have used data-driven advertising on a large scale to increase sales and profits.

Importance of data-driven advertising for online marketing

Data-driven advertising offers advertisers a high potential for the implementation of targeted, effective advertising measures through the consolidation, analysis and evaluation of buyer behaviour. For the respective target group, an optimally coordinated approach can be used.

Data driven marketing

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However, the preparation and evaluation of large amounts of data is time and cost intensive. An effort that smaller companies often cannot afford. In recent years, however, several service providers have emerged that specialise in this task and sell prepared customer data to advertisers for marketing measures.

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